Let’s Move Our Bodies

Do you find yourself sitting down a lot during the day? Many people spend long periods on their butts all day, and often this is not even when they are working. Whether we’re watching TV or playing video games, sitting for hours at a time can be very unhealthy and lead to health problems in the future. The best thing that we can do for our bodies is to get up and start moving around! Regular exercise helps keep our bodies healthy!

-Regular exercise can help us have better digestion. It also helps to process food and get rid of waste more efficiently.
-Exercise is good for our heart, bones, muscles, skin and lungs.
-Aerobic exercise like running or biking can lower harmful cholesterol levels in the body while increasing HDL levels!

When we work out, we just feel better all around! You’ll feel better and look better too if you start an exercise routine. If we’re overweight, then our risk for heart disease increases, as well as the chance of diabetes developing in our lifetime. In addition, we have less energy when not working out, which means we are less likely to have that energy to hang out with friends or our family the way we would like to.

People who don’t exercise often have mood swings and feel depressed. We have all been here once or twice. Exercise improves our confidence, self-esteem and makes us happier people overall!

We can make and keep things simple. Working out doesn’t have to be complex. Start by just doing something, anything. Working out should be a part of our daily routine to get the benefits every day.

In closing, don’t just think of the reasons not to work out. Think about all the benefits you are missing and how much better your life would be if you did. It’s up to us which type of lifestyle we choose for ourselves. Choose wisely Motiv8ers!

Be Better Than Yesterday.

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