Don’t Be Afraid

“Don’t be afraid of failure, don’t let it stop you. Failure gives you experience, and experience makes you better.” – Tim Ferriss

We live in a society where dreamers are often told they will not succeed because they have not succeeded before. We are told that we should be happy with what we have because if we try for more, and then we fail to reach our goal, then there is no other outcome left for us but defeat. Our dreamer dreams seem foolish and unrealistic when people tell us the odds against us in succeeding. But the truth is that dreamer’s never fail; they simply recalibrate! Some dreamers might take longer than others to get their dream off the ground. Still, ultimately with persistence and dedication, that dream has the possibility of becoming a reality.

Many of us are too fearful of going after our goals in life. We are content with living a mediocre life instead of taking risks and potentially succeeding at great things. And that’s a shame because that failure is only but a speed but or a mini detour in the journey.
It can be hard to believe in ourselves and our abilities when we are constantly told the odds against us. The truth is that with persistence and dedication, anything can happen! Don’t let fear keep us from achieving what WE want out of life. Go after it boldly with all the courage we have inside us!”


There is absolutely nothing wrong with aiming high.

Be Better Than Yesterday.

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Take care.

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