It’s Half Fixed, But The Other Half Is Up To US

We are not born a blank slate. We have genetic predispositions, environmental factors, and life experiences that shape who we become. That being said, science suggests that about 50% of what we consider to be “us” is malleable. Focus on the 50% because even if half of who we are is carved in stone, the 50% that is changeable will help us create pretty much any life we want.

The other day, I was looking at pictures of myself from when I was a kid. It’s hard to believe that the little boy in those photos is me. He looked so different and appeared to be living such an entirely different life. Of course, there are many differences between him and me now, but what struck me most were the similarities. The way he held his head up high with confidence. The way he smiled even though he had no idea what tomorrow would bring and how much fun he seemed to be having just being a kid – made me smile too because I see pieces of that boy in myself today!

I can still see him in myself because 50% of my malleable personality molded me into a different person. Still, I have pieces of who I was when I was just a boy. That’s why it feels so essential to get back to basics with our kids and make sure they are given all the tools they need for success – before we lose them forever.

We might not be born as blank slates, but there’s always hope if we want to change!
When we’re born, our brains are like wet clay. Research shows that 50% of what shapes us is environmental, and the other half is encoded in our DNA – it’s up to us which half becomes stronger. The first step? Think about our goal for a few minutes each day. That will make us more likely to achieve it because our brain takes notice when something new comes into focus (and can’t help but work towards achieving it). Each time someone new comes to the gym or gets new players to coach, they think about their goals for five or ten minutes before we start working together on them so that those desired outcomes have an extra layer of attention.

We can use this process to create pretty much any life we want. For instance, if we love to play the guitar but have never been able to get past that first few chords, we have to focus on what we want. Soon enough, our brain will start working towards achieving it for us – even if we’re not aware of it! Then more quickly, we will be rocking out on that guitar.
Start with just five minutes a day – think about our goals, work toward them in small steps (daily), don’t focus on obstacles or give up when things seem difficult. For example, if I had given up after getting cut as a soccer player at age 12 because “I wasn’t good enough,” my life would be very different right now. I would not know all of you beautiful people.
Believing that we can change, putting a plan in place for where we want to be, and then executing on that is all we need. It may take some time, but we are capable, and we will accomplish it.

We can start today by deciding on a goal for our project. Write down three things we want to accomplish with this goal. Then list out steps or tasks required to get there. Finally, take time every day (or at least weekly) to review progress, make adjustments as needed, and set new goals if necessary! Suppose we keep doing this over weeks and months. We will see significant changes happening. it’s all about focusing on the right side of the spectrum – not just accepting what life throws at us but shaping it into something more fulfilling!
We got this.

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