Developing an Appreciation for Exercise

When you are are exercising does it feel like a daily chore given to you by your parents.? Or do you genuinely like exercising? If when you think about how tired you feel and you absolutely dont want to get off the couch and move, then it may be time to switch things up. 

With some willpower and focus, we can jumpstart our new relationship with exercise today!  

Exercise is a necessity to maintain good health. Now we need to find a way to make it more enjoyable! We can learn to appreciate exercise if we take the time to incorporate activities we enjoy.

Let’s talk about some strategies that we can use. 

  1. Find a sport you love. One of the simplest ways to ensure we get a great workout is to choose something we enjoy doing. That could mean identifying a sport that we have played leisurely or trying out a new activity. Remember, we burn calories through movement, so we are not restricted to time in the gym!
  • Racquet sports are excellent calorie burners! Consider pickleball (my new favorite) if you have a partner, or choose squash if you’re working out on your own.
  • Cycle is awesome for helping to build our endurance and strength. Try a cycle class that will allow for more structure and prevent you from over thinking. Just ride. 

    2. Reward yourself after completing a challenge. Before we start working out, we set goals for ourselves with accompanying rewards.
  • Knowing that there’s something enticing waiting for us at the end of an exercise session can motivate us to make it happen.
  • Allow yourself to feel pampered. Get a facial, massage, or medi pedi after you got yourself through that sweat filled workout or you reached a fitness goal. And dont forget to take that day off!

    3. To make those workout really pass by try to incorporate your favorite pastime into them. When we focus on enjoyable things while we exercise it is a welcoming distraction to the physical challenge. 
  • Get those headphones on and bump that favorite jam while you walk on the treadmill. This can be very energizing as listening to your favorite songs could be a great diversion. 
  • Turn on a good audiobook as you go out for that long jog to keep the mind distracted from each step we are taking and maybe putting us on cruise control. 

    4. Focus on your health. Considering the benefits of working out may be the easiest way of get that appreciation for exercise. 
  • Continuing to be active could keep your risks minimal or non-existent when it comes to hypertension and high cholesterol. 
  • Note how we feel when exercise is a regular part of our daily life. You’ll find that we are more energetic and our minds are sharper.

Make a note of the strategies that we disscused and in no time, exercise will be that much more enjoyable in your day. 

So even when it’s difficult, give your body the treatment it deserves.

Be Better Than Yesterday

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