Rewarding Relationship Keys

What are the keys to a successful relationship? I often ask myself as I constantly look to better myself and all the relationships that I have. Some of these relationships may be romantic, work-related, or casual. However, regardless of the type of relationship you have in mind, there are specific characteristics shared by all successful ones: responsibility, reliability, forgiveness for mistakes and shortcomings, and excellent listening skills. These qualities constitute what we call “Rewarding Relationship Keys.”

Accept Responsibility

Accepting responsibility is an essential key to a rewarding relationship. To be successful, each person must work for the good of the whole. We are not perfect, and our counterpart in our relationship is not perfect either. We will make some mistakes, so we must recognize them and apologize for something wrong or out of line.

Be Reliable

Being reliable is another key to a rewarding relationship. It’s essential that we can be counted on by our partners and the people around us. Being reliable means being dependable under all sorts of circumstances-especially when things are challenging or stressful, because this quality can help keep relationships together even during difficult times. When you know someone will never leave you hanging no matter what happens, it’s easier to forgive them for their shortcomings and difficulties (because they’re doing everything they can).

Forgive Easily

Forgiving easily is our third key to a rewarding relationship. Understanding that each person has their unique struggles and limitations, we must be willing to forgive them when they make mistakes or are less than perfect. We should not try to change our partner into someone else because the closeness of relationships depends on recognizing one another’s differences. Of course, we will hurt one another at some point, but if we can understand it and move on from it, things will be ok.


This means listening with an open mind, not just when it’s convenient for us or when we want something from another person. We should be able to listen without interrupting and at least try to understand where our partner is coming from even if they’re not making sense! Communication requires that both parties feel heard and hopefully understood.

Communicate Needs

It’s important that each person communicate their needs to the other and express what they want and need. This means not being afraid of rejection but instead knowing how we feel about something, whether it be an opinion or a feeling. If someone doesn’t listen to us or has trouble understanding our feelings, then we can’t have meaningful communication with them. As a result, we won’t be able to grow the relationship. Speaking up in our relationships is so crucial so that things don’t end up one-sided.

Mind Your Tongue

This one is very simple-we should always mind our tongue! We usually say things in anger when we are frustrated and don’t mean them at all, so it’s best to bite our tongue and pause for a moment (even if it seems like they deserve whatever we are going to say). Also, minding your tongue will make sure that things stay lighter between partners by preventing hurtful comments that could be expressed differently.


Accept your partner and friend’s flaws. We are not perfect, and we should be able to overlook the shortcomings others may have. We should accept them just as they are, and we will feel rewarded in the relationship. We may not like everything about our partner, but if there’s an imbalance of love, then it won’t work. It takes two people willing to give from their whole hearts for a rewarding relationship. Look in the mirror the next time you feel that things are not going exactly as you would have liked them.

Regularly Evaluate Your Relationship

We must take a second to look at our relationship from a birds-eye view. Is the relationship still beneficial for both parties? Is it still fulfilling? Is the relationship rewarding, or has it become a chore. If we find that our needs are not being met and there is nothing more than resentment, then it’s time to reevaluate where we are at in our situation.

If we take these key points, we can grow our relationships to new heights and have more rewarding relationships with those around us.

Better Than Yesterday

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