Growth: A Continual Process

It’s not easy to grow. It takes time and effort. If you aren’t consistently working on making yourself emotionally stronger or better, you are likely to become stagnant – personally, professionally, and spiritually. But, hey it does not have to be this way!

When we decide to have a plan for our personal growth, we’ll enjoy some incredible benefits:

Accept the person we are

Recognize that we may have parts of us that are less than perfect, and the goal is to simply to a little better each day. We will appreciate ourselves so much more when we begin to see how much potential that we have.

We will learn more about ourselves. 

We gain so much knowledge when we tap into the potential that ultimately helps us live a more meaningful life. We also free ourselves from the limits of who we are and what we can do. If we’re feeling stuck or stagnant, we have to ask ourselves these questions:

What will my life look like if I make it a priority to grow?

What is holding me back from making growth a priority in my life?

Recognize how much growth we make when the going gets tough

Tough challenges push us to the next level. Continuing to move forward step by step gives us this mental edge. It’s when we are most vulnerable that we take ourselves to the next level. Almost every time I feel like giving up, I am then given a chance at growth and somehow find myself getting stronger each day and with each task. We can have an attitude of gratitude for our challenges because it’s through them that we grow.

Experience new things

No matter what it is that we are going after, new and exciting experiences await us. When we are open to new experiences, then it is easier for us to grow as people. I remember moving to China! I was so nervous, scared, anxious, excited because I was going to a completely different world. But I made some great friends that I still occasionally speak to today, and I got to see so many things that I would never have had I not taken that leap.

Be Better Than Yesterday

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