Increasing Our Luck

What is luck, anyway? Is it that which we call a “force” in the universe? Is it something that can be created and noticed by humans? Some people say there are certain lucky things you can do to increase your chances of achieving success. Others think that luck is nothing more than an excuse for failure or an explanation for why someone has great success. The truth is, the more we put ourselves into situations where luck could happen, the better our odds will be at being successful.

Luck is where preparation meets an opportunity!

We receive what we expect. Expect good things. 

We should do what we can to look on the bright side and stay optimistic. What is the point in walking around and expecting the worst all the time? Yes, we could have had a bad situation happen to us in the past. But that does not mean it will continue to happen to us in the present. Especially when we are doing what we can each day to get better and improve.

Follow Our Gut

The human brain is complex and unique, but sometimes it can be hard to decipher the messages we receive unconsciously. It’s always important to follow your gut; no matter what you feel deep inside, there is a reason for being there — even if you don’t know how or why yet! Listen to it. Don’t be afraid of taking risks. Luck will find you if you keep up the search for opportunity and don’t give up when things go wrong. The more we listen to our gut, the better off we are at seizing opportunities that come our way while avoiding disasters that lurk in every corner.

Find more opportunities to get “Lucky”

You might not control your future, but you can increase the odds of being lucky by giving yourself more opportunities. Be open and alert for great possibilities that are just passing you by—they’re out in the world waiting! You won’t find them sitting on a couch at home; get up and go outside if luck is what you need.

Be Aware

Be mindful and present in the moment. 

Suppose you’re busy daydreaming, worrying about the future, or regretting the past. In that case, the chances are that you’ll be missing out on a lot of opportunities to get lucky – because once these thoughts take over your mind, they can consume all of your attention! So this might just be one way for us to notice what life has been offering and make sure we don’t miss anything too good either.

Avoid Stress

So many people stress themselves out unnecessarily. They spend all their time and energy trying to fix things they don’t like about work, school, home life, or anything else in between instead of just dealing with it as best they can. You’ll never be truly happy until you give up on making everything perfect for yourself! Stop being so hard on yourself and learn how to live a little more peacefully by taking care of your mental health before other parts take over too much! Stress is bad enough, but when combined with depression, it’s even worse because those two together will likely last forever if not treated properly! So we need to stop this cycle today – seek help now while there’s still hope left!!!

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