Are We Self-Help Junkies?

Are we self-help junkies? We might not think so, but if we spend our time reading all of the latest and greatest self-help books, going to seminars and conferences about personal development, or trying every new technique that pops up in the news, then there is a good chance that we are. Self-help can be great—there’s nothing wrong with wanting to better ourselves. But when does it turn into something more than just another addiction? A junkie is someone who does something because it feels good, but that action doesn’t provide any benefit. Self-help junkies fool themselves into thinking they’re helping themselves when in reality, the new information never makes its way to practice.

How often do we put ourselves in the situation? Are we there now? Having an arsenal of mental tools but never using them to our advantage. Only delaying and delaying what we know can be, played by fear and inaction.

Lets see if we are the junkies.

We have a library of self-help materials that would amaze all of our friends

We have a mountain of information, a wealth of knowledge, yet we are in the same position as when we started. So many of us go right back to the seminars, reading the books and blogs, but that’s about as far as we get. We were never taking action.

We are constantly avoiding the more significant issues and only looking to improve the little things.

We can’t run away from our problems. We have to face them head-on, with a plan and the resources we need for success. Running makes us feel guilty over what we’re leaving behind instead of feeling fulfilled by all that’s yet to come in life if only we take care of it now!

Topics that are not even relevant to us we dive deep into

We get a great sleep every night, but we still look at ways of improving. This makes us feel good because it gives us the feeling that we are doing something.

We are so sure that all we need is just one more class or one more book that is really going to put us over the top. 

It’s time to start putting our knowledge into practice. We already know enough.

Be Better Than Yesterday

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