Making Decisions VS Living By Chance

Many people rely on chance for their success, but this is not a good way to live. It’s full of anxiety, uncertainty, and dissatisfaction. On the other hand, making conscious decisions leads to a much better life. There are many benefits, such as satisfaction from following through with what you want and knowing that everything happens for a reason.

Great things rarely happen by accident

The odds of any one person becoming a president, movie star, astronaut, or brain surgeon are slim without intention. All these things require intention, and not many people intend on doing them. The ones that do will have the opportunity for incredible lives, but it can be hard work too, so you need something like determination to succeed at making your dreams come true!

A great life requires some thought

If you don’t know what you want, it is tough to get what you want. And when we are unable to figure this out, we are stuck with whatever we get.

It’s sad to see those around me not knowing exactly what they want to get out of life. And it’s ok if that thing changes from time to time.

Entropy is your enemy

Think about the old saying, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” We are taught that a lack of order will make our lives messier. But what if we flip this way of thinking on its head? What would happen to your room or office space without any organization whatsoever?! The answer is entropy: as time goes by, all systems have an inevitable decline into disorder. For example, sandcastles tend to fall apart over time; you won’t see one spontaneously rise from the beach just because! Likewise, a cleanroom becomes cluttered with clutter over time, making it harder for us humans who need some sense of orderliness when navigating through life (even though sometimes chaos can be fun).

Living by choice is a way to add energy to your life. There’s a regular improvement that goes hand in hand with this decision so that you can outrun the pull towards disorder and entropy!

Consistency is vital to enjoying a balanced life

If you want to make the most out of your time, it’s essential to be consistent and effective. Watching five hours of TV each night is inconsistent and ineffective because we’re limiting our potential for success by taking in information that will never help us grow as a person or achieve anything good in life.

It has never been easier for humans to get precisely what they want from their lives, and everyone should use this power wisely. Choose the life you want to live because any other alternative leads to unsatisfactory results – whether you follow your dreams or find a safe/easy path through life. Live boldly by making decisions that align with who YOU ARE and choose those things over everything else to create an existence that is most fulfilling for yourself! Whether it’s living on our terms or finally getting around cook dinner every once in a while, there is only one way: Be Bold-Choose Your Life.

Be Better Than Yesterday

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