Our Perspective Is Skewed

It’s hard to change our perspective. Unless we’ve been meditating in a monastery for the last decade, our thinking is skewed by past experiences, other people’s expectations, and emotions. As a result, we inadvertently trap ourselves with faulty thinking and incorrect perceptions – much of this is chronic and challenging to change, but it can be altered.

Take that much-needed media break

The media may be presenting factual information, but the “norm” is what people want to watch. Therefore, the most exciting and sensational things are given to keep viewers tuning in day after night. A narrow slice of reality can lead a viewer into believing they understand society as a whole. In actuality, all it does is show one perspective on life without any other context or background that might provide more depth for understanding our world’s complexities.

Let the past go

Learning is a funny thing. We can learn to fear good stuff for us, or even like the wrong foods if we are not careful. Of course, we all have our mistakes from time to time, but hopefully, as we continue to evolve and improve ourselves, things will change.

The past is only here to serve us, not to guide us. We have to focus on today. Let go of all that has happened and walk a new path.

Make decisions without concern for what others think

We know we are not the only ones who feel this way. When faced with a decision, we often think about how our friends or colleagues might react. It’s natural for people to want their co-workers and bosses to be happy!

Whether our work is in an office environment or working from home, when making decisions – big and small – there will always be someone who has something to say about what we are doing. No matter if our decisions affect them directly or not.

Perfection? Forget about it

Perfection is an unrealistic expectation. Life has never been about dealing with perfection but rather managing one’s imperfections. Our partner, your boss, children, and even ourselves are all constantly flawed in some way or another. The only thing you can do to make it through life is work towards improving what isn’t yet perfect while also accepting everything else that comes along with that.

In Closing

It’s easy to get stuck in the mundane and forget what a beautiful world we inhabit. When you’re spending your days immersed in this life, all that surrounds you are trees, but if we take time out of our lives for self-reflection now and then, it becomes easier to see more than just these woods. The whole earth is full of oceans with crashing waves as far as one can see from shoreline or desert sands, where temperatures soar into triple digits year-round. The possibilities are endless! But before any exploration begins, there has to be disengagement–freeing ourselves from anything holding us back (whether past mistakes or limiting beliefs).

We got this!

Be Better Than Yesterday

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