Unstuck By Stoicism

Life is not always easy, and sometimes we get stuck in our own minds. It can be difficult to move forward when we are feeling overwhelmed by the world around us. Luckily for us, stoicism has a lot to offer as a philosophy of life: how to live well and happily despite adversity or misfortune. Let’s explore some ways that ancient Stoic philosophers would advise us on getting unstuck in our lives today.

Here we go

We Dictate Our Feelings

Don’t believe that we have no control over our emotions. We are responsible for making ourselves happy or sad, and events do not trigger these feelings, but rather it’s what we tell ourselves about those experiences which dictate how they make us feel. Understand this to be true so we can become more mindful of those thoughts because once recognized, negative thoughts can then be overridden with positive ones instead!

We are in charge of whether or not an event has power over our emotions; if a bad thing happens – don’t let it define our mood unless by choice! Instead, put all focus on remembering good memories and allow them to outweigh any negativity from before

Worry about what we can control

We all can’t control the actions of others, and some things are out of our hands. But there is always something that we can do to make yourself more successful in life: have a great attitude towards what’s under your control!

The one thing we all know not to obsess over? The little things. We’re human – it’s so easy for us to stress about stuff like how other people interact with us or if this month will be as hot as last year (alas). Instead, try focusing on those small tasks within reach which really impact happiness levels, such as taking care of ourselves by eating well and getting enough sleep every night, then work from there.

This is the way

If you go through life avoiding obstacles, then those are the only things that will stop you. Obstacles are like paths to success; they reveal where we need to work hard and push ourselves if we want something badly enough. So when an obstacle gets in your way, don’t be discouraged–recognize it as a sign of progress!

A great quote from Lao Tzu goes, “The obstacle is not an obstruction; it is simply something you can’t see your way past yet.”

Our Failures Are Not Final

The sensation of failure is never the end. You can keep going, and there are endless opportunities for success.

Achieving goals doesn’t mean that you will not experience failure at some point in your life, but it does show bravery as well as strength to persevere through these setbacks even when they seem impossible or too difficult to overcome on their own.

To Sum Things Up

At the end of each day, ask yourself a few questions. How did I contribute positively to society? What actions were less than effective, and what can I do better next time around? Most people in modern society could stand to be more stoic. It’s not about being weak but acknowledging that life is full of obstacles, and we need the courage to face them head-on! Take some lessons from great philosophers like Socrates or Nietzsche, who have been dead for centuries yet still give good advice when it comes down (no pun intended) to living well. You will love how much easier your life becomes with this new outlook.

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