Ignite Our Personal Growth

We spend a lot of time trying to find ways to be happy and successful, but are we really doing everything in our power? Sometimes the answer is no. The truth is that personal growth strategies do not have to be difficult or even scary.

It’s hard to change. We get comfortable in our lives, and it feels like risk is too great of a price to pay for the unknown. But if we want more out of our life than what we have now, it might be time to take that leap into the unknown. The biggest difference between people are those who try new things and those who don’t.


There’s more information available than you ever will need. Why go down the same path when someone else has already been there and done that? Investigate what is out there, take in all perspectives then learn from those who have succeeded before us. This is by far my favorite. We have the ability to take 30 years of knowledge from someone in a book they have written in 3 days! Saves us decades. Go and find those books, articles, and any other content examples.

Take The Leap

We might have experienced the exciting and fleeting feeling of a new idea, but then we talk ourselves out of it. The key is to take action before we give our brain a chance to overthink things. Make lists, make phone calls or sketch out plans quickly; don’t wait until that short-lived excitement disappears! And don’t be afraid of any failure in life.

New Crowd

When you spend time with the same group of people all of the time, it can be easy to get stuck in a rut. Find new friends by spending some quality one on one time with someone that is completely outside your normal social circle! This allows for better exposer to new ideas, conversations, and thoughts.

Comfortable With Being Uncomfortable

Successful people’s ability to embrace discomfort is one of the many things that sets them apart. They don’t allow their displeasure with new challenges or unfamiliar situations to get in the way and they continue moving forward, no matter what life throws at them! Learn to embrace discomfort.

Baby Steps

When we think about changing too much at once, our brain cringes. We will have better luck if we go slowly and strive for consistent progress. Think how much more change that would entail over the last three years had we just spent 20 minutes each day on a single project!


Life can be tough. It’s hard to think about improving ourselves when we’re struggling with the daily grind in and outside of work. But, if our life hasn’t gotten better for a few years now, that might mean it’s time to try something new! Personal growth is challenging–so much so that anything else would seem easier than taking on this challenge!–but not impossible! We just need some handy tips from someone who has been there before. This is why our group, our community, and our circle are so important and valuable to us. It allows us to communicate with those that have been there and those that are going through it now.

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