Mastery Is The Key To Our Happiness

The only thing standing between us and the level of success, happiness, or abs we desire is a lack of mastery over ourselves. Sound like an exaggeration? Think again. Mastery is our key to everything good in life – but it’s not something that happens overnight. We need to develop mastery over ourselves through self-discipline and dedication to achieve anything significant in life.

Do we know how to be fit? Do we only eat healthy foods, or do they make up a small portion of our diet because it’s too hard to stick with a strict regimen, especially when so many options are available? We know enough to make significant changes in our life. However, knowledge isn’t the challenge; managing ourselves and our behaviors is what’s tough!

Mastery of self is the only goal we need to achieve. From that, all our other goals will be fulfilled!

Let’s take a look at some ways that we can master ourselves.

Our Shouldn’t List

We don’t have to be perfect. We need a little more willpower and self-control! Acknowledging our imperfections is the first step in making changes for the better, so take some time out of every day to think about all those things we do that are not serving us.

Our Should List

Put together a list of the things we should do each day, but don’t. This list might include 20 minutes playing piano or taking care of your bills and flossing for 10 seconds every time we brush our teeth.

Slowly Switch That List

Habits can be difficult to change, but we’ve developed habits without even trying. Imagine what we could accomplish on purpose! For example, take an item that shouldn’t list and replace it with one from the should list.

Watch Our Focus

Why would you choose to do something hurtful for your future self just because it feels good now? The long-term payoff from doing the right thing will be worth so much more. For many people, the temptation may come in the form of ice cream or watching TV; but these short-term rewards can lead to big problems later on down the line. So instead, focus on the bigger picture.

Self-mastery is the key. If we can master ourselves, everything else becomes easy. It will be easy to make that lunch decision. It will be to get ahead at work. It will be easy to maintain relationships and save money. The key is our attention to our long-term goals and avoiding those short-term pleasures that lead to long-term challenges

Be Better Than Yesterday

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