Life Isn’t Always Fair

How to Keep a Positive Attitude on Difficult Days

When life isn’t fair, how do we keep a positive attitude? It’s not easy. There are days when the world seems to be against us, and what we want doesn’t seem to happen. That it always feels like we’re getting the short end of the stick and that everything is an uphill climb. Day after day, we give our time and don’t get good favor on the other side. But then again, that’s lifeā€”the world doesn’t turn according to our plans. And yet still, we have to continue holding a positive attitude and keep pushing forward every day of our lives for things to be good in any way at all. Our outlook determines how well we handle these less than perfect days.

I know I personally struggled with holding that positive mind when we were getting things off the ground for the gym. It was challenging to put something together that our future members would love while not knowing exactly how things would turn out. In addition, I had to learn how to deal with the complex personalities and negative attitudes of some that made running a gym not so fun at times. The problem was that I was only focusing on those members instead of those who loved what we were doing and loved to come and workout with us. And what that crazy is that it would be one or two people out of a couple hundred members. I slap myself when I think about.

When we stay optimistic, things actually can be pretty good. We feel about our day is determined by what’s happening in the present moment and how we’re thinking about it and reacting to it. Suppose everything feels like an uphill battle, and every decision seems wrong. In that case, chances are that there’s a defeatist attitude that is causing us to feel this way. We think this way when the outcome of a particular situation does not happen exactly the way we had it planned out in our heads. This means it did not meet our expectations, therefore, causing us to be down or upset.

If we think this way, then the world is against us, and it feels like all of our decisions are wrong. The problem with thinking in this manner is that you make yourself feel worse and stop achieving your goals because you have set them too high or don’t believe in what could be possible for yourself. This type of attitude will cause any progress to seem unreachable, and so each day becomes a fight that lasts forever.

As soon as we can start feeling uplifted by our thoughts, things can begin to improve by choosing a new perspective on how they might look, which may include being more realistic about expectations or setting smaller objectives instead of ones that are too big at first glance. This does not mean that we should not aim for the stars. No. This means that we simply need some stepping stones along the way so that we are rewarded and mentally stimulated on the journey.

Once I made the approach to focus on all the good that was happening around us because of our efforts it made life so much easier and enjoyable.

In closing, life does not always go according to plan. And yet, it’s possible to keep a positive attitude on difficult days by simply changing your perspective and thinking about how things might look from another point of view.

Be Better Than Yesterday.

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